Day 8 – Work Work Work Work Work

Well, it’s finally happening. Almost every day, I’ve said that I don’t really have much to say. And then end up writing a novel. But today’s the day I might end up with just a paragraph (or three, because let’s get real).

I’ve been pretty non-stop with work since the beginning of the year, which has a tendency to happen when everyone wants to hit the ground running in the New Year. I’m usually pretty good at juggling it all, but so far I have had more work travel in 3 months than I usual do in a year with two more trips in two weeks alone. I used to keep this schedule no problem, but in my old(er) age, with more on my plate in my personal life, it takes just a bit more energy.

I worked 60 hours last week and am packing it in tonight after about 12 hours of work (there was a bit of a break to hang out with my kid and put him to sleep). I’m not saying this to complain. I don’t mind hard work and often I thrive on it. I like feeling valued and I like contributing.

Today though, after writing and re-writing about 30 pages of stuff, I’d rather use the 30 minutes I have left – before I pass out to Seinfeld – consuming other people’s words than producing any of my own.

Hopefully more tomorrow!

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