Day 7 – Sundays = Laundry

One week down, 3.3 weeks to go!

I have nothing in particular to write about today, so I’m phoning this one in because Sundays are my “get shit down around the house day.” Saturdays are usually reserved for quality parent-child time and generally recovering from the work week. Yesterday involved bagels, baseball, vegging and a night alone watching and donating to PBS while The Hubs was at a work event. I have no complaints on any of this.

Sundays are reserved for long runs, laundry (more on that in a minute), reading, more kid time and doing some actual WORK work if I feel a need to get ahead of the week (which today I did for about three hours… ugh).

So laundry… We all do it, but no one talks about it (or is that the other thing that everyone does… but actually everyone talks about that one). This is the one household chore that falls under my responsibility. The Hubs takes care of literally almost everything else.


This is all the laundry I’ve done and have to fold this evening.

Living in a house with two dudes + me, means that we generate A LOT of laundry. Two of us work out 5-6 days a week and obviously wears different clothes to work, one of us is a five year old who gets dirty a lot. You could imagine the amount of clothing this generates in a single week. This does not include sheets and towels, which don’t get changes nearly as much as they should. (If we don’t have honesty during this writing challenge, what DO we have?)

Allow me to share – in a perfect world – the loads of laundry I will do on Sunday, including folding and putting away, if I’m feeling super motivated and not at all lazy (which is 25% of Sundays a month):

  • Exercise clothes – Typically 2 massive loads (that’s what she said, yes, I’m 12)
  • “Street” clothes, as the hip kids call it – 3 loads, including whites, mediums and darks. I am OBSESSIVE about sorting and if a medium gets mixed with a dark and/or an exercise gets mixed in with “street” I will lose it.
  • Kid clothes – 1 load. This is where anarchy sets in because I will not spend the mental energy sorting and categorizing clothes he will wear for 6 months and will likely destroy before then

This is seriously the bare minimum that needs to get done weekly for us to function as a household. I probably do it like every other week. Maybe. OR, I’ll get all the laundry physically in the washer and dryer, but it will remain unfolded until more laundry needs to get done. I haven’t even covered the towels, sheets, cloth napkins that The Hubs insists on because environment or the delicate/dry clean only clothes maybe addressed (really I have stuff from the summer that I haven’t cleaned yet). It. Never. Ends.

I wasn’t planning on writing this much about literally my least favorite subject, but as you can see, I desperately am procrastinating all of this. Please wish me luck.

More Laundry

Oh wait, there is also this full dryer and washer that also needs to be dealt with.

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