Day 29 – An Ode to the Lazy Day

I am the laziest active person alive. I may love to run and be active, but if I spend the rest of the day on the couch, that is time well spent. This is what’s going to happen on our week off.

Back in the day before adulthood and children, my weekends on the couch were legendary. I’d spend literally all day watching MTV Real World reruns or HBO or Bravo depending on what era of my life we’re talking about. I’d go out with friends – sure – but then the rest of the time the couch was where I lived.

Nowadays, we’re usually pretty busy during the week and our kid doesn’t watch TV before or after school. The weekends are a bit more lax. We try to be moderate with screen time on the weekends, but that doesn’t always go according to plan.

Everyone needs a vegging day. Yesterday, we were pretty busy with life stuff, so today I knew I wanted to relax. We watched some shows this morning, went to the grocery store, and basically had a movie marathon. We watched the movie Sing – which was predictably adorable. He took a late afternoon nap, while I did something I never do… COOK! This is something that I don’t ever have time to do – and to do well. So I figured if I’m home, I might as well make some food for everyone. It’s a nice change of place. My kid slept to the soothing sounds of Pitch Perfect 2 in the background, while I have been looking into bullet journal inspirations on Instagram and Pinterest in the hopes of starting one this week.

I know he should have spent some time running around and being active. But everyone needs a day on the couch, even almost five year olds – and especially almost 35 year olds.

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