Day 28 – The Control Freak Obedient Fixer

I don’t deal with forced inactivity well. Sure if I’m feeling lazy or unmotivated that is under my terms. But being grounded because of something beyond my control, that’s a challenge.

This is why butt-gate (that has a nice ring to it I think) is so goddamn frustrating. I was just getting into my spring running groove when I miss a step, fall on my ass for half a dozen steps and likely down a week of good running. I know it could be worse, I didn’t break anything. But I’m sidelined not on my own terms.

If you didn’t know this about me, I’m a fixer. If there’s a problem, I look for a solution. This happened Friday and today I was at the chiropractor. I already have three more appointments scheduled in the next two weeks. Maybe I won’t need all of them, but maybe I will. If I can do something to improve the situation I will absolutely do it.

I’m also pretty obedient (most of the time). You tell me that hopping on one foot while rubbing my stomach will make this problem go away? I’ll totally fucking do it. However, you’re telling me that I can’t run? I might disobey you. (Like the ill-advised 6 miles yesterday – great idea!)

I feel like I’ll be fine in a couple days. I already feel a little better after today’s appointment. My chiropractor joked that I was “helping” too much during the adjustments and that I needed to trust him and relax more. I just told him that I was trying to move the process along so I healed faster. He did not think that was funny. Then I promptly went limp and decided to trust the process. Because – as I said – I’m obedient.

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