Day 27 – What To Do This Week?

I’m taking a full week off work to hang with my son during his spring break. I don’t think I’ve spent this amount of time with him just the two of us since my maternity leave. 

I’ve mentioned before that I’m freaking out about this and how I’m going to occupy the time. Here are some things I’m considering:

  • Going to literally every free museum option. Tuesday is Chicago History Museum and Thursday is the Nature Museum. Does my son give a shit about Chicago history? Probably not, but it’ll waste a few hours and it’s close to my favorite Starbucks on North and Wells. 
  • Try to convince him to see Boss Baby. Do I want to see Boss Baby? Not particularly. Does my son? Considering he’s pickier about movies than The New York Times, I doubt he’s going to be down. I’m gonna make it happen though. Why? Because that’s three hours of activity right there. 
  • Swim lesson. This is gonna be awesome. Bribe him with a donut and shell out $50 for him to kick around and hold on to the railing for dear life. That’s an hour right there. 
  • Errands. Lots of errands. My kid and I are great at running errands together. He takes his role as helper in stride and I feel like I’m educating him about consumerism. It’s a win for everyone!
  • TV. Lots of TV. We are both amazing at being lazy. We can sit in front of the TV all day and have no regrets. It’s a really healthy way to spend our time. 
  • Visit every bookstore. Seriously there are at least three that I can see us visiting. I love that he loves books as much as I do. I’ll also love when he’s old enough for us to browse independently and away from each other and I don’t have to sprint from the kids section for 15-second intervals undetected. I’ve become pretty good at it though. 
  • The chiropractor. My little guy might get an eyeful of the chiropractor manipulating my back/butt so I can feel normal again. Just kidding. He’ll be playing Star Wars Angry Birds on my phone literally the whole time. 
  • The gym. If those aforementioned issues get resolved, maybe he’ll enjoy an hour at the overpriced kids club at the gym so mama can get a workout class in. 

Snarky comments aside, I really am pumped about this week. I’ve been stressing about it mostly because I want him to have a good time with me and I wouldn’t call myself naturally “fun.” And this is a good collection of activities, right? I mean what almost five year old doesn’t want to go look at nature and to the chiropractor?

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