Day 26 (Part 2) – Happy Rex Manning Day!

I sit here right now, with a glass of wine in hand, an icepack (okay frozen edamame under my ass – see part 1) and in absolute heaven. Why? Because it’s Rex Manning Day!

That’s right folks, April 8th is the day where we gather to honor the seminal 90s cult classic Empire Records. It is the perfect movie about a moment of time. About an era of music purchasing and consumption that has long passed. About music that is loud. About angst and shaved heads. About fashion that I coveted. About gluing quarters to the floor in the name of art. About the hottest guy in a 90s movie who was never heard from again (AJ in case you are wondering – unrequited, then requited, love of Liv Tyler).

So why is April 8 deemed Rex Manning Day? Because that is the day where all the pivotal events of the movie take place. Characters go through life changing realizations. Personal growth happens. We get a montage to Dire Straits’ Romeo & Juliet. We learn about speed addiction and slut shaming. We end with a big party on the roof where Renee Zellweger becomes a star and sets the stage for her epic Jerry Maguire romance one year later.

I loved this movie when it was in the theater. I loved this movie when it was on TBS or VH1 or whatever basic cable network 1000 times. I loved it on DVD. And now I love it every single April 8.


We musn’t dwell. No not today. We can’t. Not on Rex Manning Day!

Happy Rex Manning Day!

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