Day 26 (Part 1) – Clumsy AF

I’m so annoyed! I totally passed out last night before having a chance to write anything. 

So I’m writing twice today so I technically can say I wrote 30 times in 30 days. 

I passed out early because of the mental exhaustion of taking a (small) tumble down the stairs on my way to work. So now my butt is killing me (insert inappropriate jokes here).

Seriously though, I’m fine. I already feel a little better this morning. I am a bit concerned about my general clumsiness. On Tuesday morning I walked into a glass door at work. This is after I actually opened the door to walk through it, yet somehow I still managed to walk straight into the glass. Yes people saw. 

Anyway, I’ll have more later today, but please don’t laugh at me whenever you see me walk into something or trip or fall. Because it happens a lot. 

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