Day 2 – Podcasts, and then some more podcasts

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Just some of the 45 podcasts I subscribe to

I have 339 podcast episodes in my unlistened queue. I subscribe to 45 separate podcasts on a range of topics. Am I realistically ever going to get to each of these episodes? Probably not. Am I going to keep them in my queue to taunt me while I try? You betcha.

Let me explain my system. I mentally categorize my podcast episodes into three categories:

  • Tier 1. Listen to within in 1-3 days of hitting my phone. These are reserved for more news/timely podcasts, as well as my absolute favorites. What good is listening to a Bachelor-recap podcast (I’m looking at you HuffPo and the Ringer) more than a week after the episode airs? Not good at all, my friends, not good at all. If I don’t get to these around a week after they go live, I automatically delete them – as they are useless to me.
  • Tier 2. Listen within 1 week of hitting my phone. These are the second tier podcasts that are a bit more evergreen. Typically these are running podcasts (Runners World and Bibrave), my West Wing Weekly (depending on my watch schedule) or Slate podcasts (i.e., Mom and Dad are Fighting).
  • Tier 3. Completely evergreen and not time sensitive. This is by far the largest category of unlistened episodes because I horde them for things like road trips or long plane rides. These are the RadioLabs, the 99% Invisibles, the This American Life(s?). Also, longform interviewers like The Nerdist and WTF with Marc Maron fall into this category. I’m just not ready to let go of these subscriptions.

Why do I love podcasts? I mean aside from keeping me in my bubble, of which I have no shame to be in, I get news, commentary, a good laugh and educational info all packaged in a lovely little package.

Let’s share some of my Tier 1/must listen within 3 days podcasts that I’ve been digging as of late:

  • Who? Weekly: Holy hysterical Batman. This podcast is all about F-List celebrities and unpacking if they are a “who” or a “them.” A “Who” is someone that, duh, you ask “who?” if you hear their name. A “Them” is a famous person that has achieved the upper echelon of notoriety. I find myself laughing out loud to this on the L to strange looks and not feeling at all self-conscious. Good form, Bella Thorne! (You’d understand that if you listened to the podcast.)
  • Crooked Media (Pod Save America/Pod Save the Word/With Friends Like These): The podcasts that keep me in my liberal bubble, this collection helps me unpack what the actual fuck is happening in Washington without making me want to claw my eyes out. They offer just enough humor to make me feel like I’m not alone and the world is not going to fall apart if we take action.
  • Savage Lovecast: A podcast that dives into relationships and kinky fuckery that people do. What’s not to like?
  • Here to Make Friends (Huff Po) and Bachelor Party (Channel 33). This needs no explanation.
  • The Daily: NYTimes new podcast. It goes deep into issues and stories of the day without being three hours long.

I could go into my second and third tiers, but I have a feeling you don’t need a full run down of every single podcast I half listen to. Unless you do, and then I’ll get another day of content for this challenge! We’ll see how I’m doing on day 23 and we might just get to revisit this awesome topic.

Until tomorrow, Friends!

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