Blogs I Love

I procrastinate. A lot. And the sign of a true procrastinator is a ton of blogs I read like it’s my job (wouldn’t that be an awesome job)? Some of these are people I know in real life, some are internet people who I’m obsessed with, some are both – most are runners.


  • SoCalRunnerGal – My kick-ass running coach. I first came across her blog several years ago when I was looking for vegan runners to emulate. Though neither of us are vegan anymore, I still want to emulate everything she does, because I’m basically obsessed with her.
  • The Fitnessista – I’ve been following the lovely Gina for about 5 years now. We were pregnant with our first child around the same time and I always felt a kinship with her. Her pregnancy and post-pregnancy tips alone are awesome, but she has great recipes and workouts too. Plus her family is frickin’ adorable.
  • Krittabug – At first we were internet friends and then we became real life friends. No one writes about running and real-talk quite like this gal.
  • The Skinny Confidential – I love the #realtalk of this blog. Simple as that.
  • Running on Veggies – Really great vegetarian recipes designed for runners. Her Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats have become a breakfast staple for me.
  • Another Runner Mother – While I’m not the biggest mommy blogger fan, this one is more runner talk than mommy talk, accounting for the whole person. I dig the podcast too.


You can’t beĀ obsessed with makeup and skincare like I am and not follow a shit ton of people on YouTube. I follow a lot more than three, butĀ these are the ones that I watch every video without fail.